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Rocky Mountain
Assorted Pastries: Ask our barista what fresh baked goods we have today!
Frenchie*: A 12 inch pizza with French toast batter poured on top with maple syrup drizzled on top and a sweet cream cheese swirl.
Rise and Shine*: A 12 inch pizza with house made chili verde, mozzarella, cheddar, bacon, and a fresh egg on top. 
Breakfast Burrito*: Hand cut potatoes and scrambled eggs wrapped in a flour tortilla with fresh grated cheddar cheese, and mild, diced green chilies.
Vegetarian, vegan and meat options until sold out. 
Fruit & Yogurt Parfait*: Vanilla yogurt topped with strawberries and blueberries and a side of granola. 
PanKK’s: A single, plate sized, family recipe pancake. 
Add blueberries, fresh sliced banana, strawberry, peach, peanut butter, Danish, cinnamon, or Ghirardelli chocolate chips for 
Coffee and Tea
Flavors: Caramel, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice,
Sugar Free Vanilla, Sugar Free Hazelnut
Milk Alternatives: Soy, Almond, or Coconut
Lattes, Iced Coffees, Mochas, Frappes, Cappuccinos and much more!
Coffee: Locally roasted Corvus Coffee.
Hot Tea: Locally made, organic Two Leaves and a Bud.
Chai Latte: Sherpa Chai, choice of milk.

Start with vanilla yogurt, pick a liquid to add, and choose your fruits and/or vegetables.
Liquids: Orange juice, pineapple juice, whole milk, skim milk, soy milk, coconut milk, fresh brewed hot tea, coffee, or espresso.
Fruits: Banana, strawberry, peach, blueberry, mango, pineapple.
Veggies: Spinach.
Other: Peanut butter, Ghirardelli chocolate sauce, honey, cinnamon.
Izzy Sodas: Clementine, Peach, Apple, or Blackberry 
Pellegrino Sparkling Water
Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages: Lemon, Orange, Blood Orange, Pomegranate Orange, Lemon Mint
Organic Lemonade
Organic Iced Tea
Bottled Fiji Water
Orange Juice
Organic Juice Boxes: Apple, Grape, or Fruit Punch. 
V8 Tomato Juice: 
Caprese Salad*: Freshly sliced mozzarella, stacked with tomatoes and fresh basil. Topped by a balsamic drizzle and a pinch of Himalayan Salt
Garden Salad*: Mixed greens with seasonal vegetables. Small or Large  Add shredded chicken.
Caesar Salad*: Romaine, parmesan cheese, house made croutons and house made Caesar dressing. Small or Large. Add chicken.
Apple Pecan Beet Salad: A bed of spinach with sliced roasted beets, house made maple candied pecans, fresh sliced apples and goat cheese crumble with a house made raspberry vinaigrette. 
Small Bites
Hummus*: Crisp pita chips, celery sticks, and carrots, with house made roasted garlic hummus.
Goat Cheese Plate*: Creamy Chevre served with pita chips, celery sticks and carrots.   Add prosciutto and pepperoni.
Choose a wrap: wheat, chipotle, sundried tomato basil. Choose a side: chips, fresh fruit, fruit snacks, or upgrade to a cup of soup, chili or a side salad.
Caesar Wrap: Romaine lettuce, sundried tomatoes, house made croutons, parmesan, and house made Caesar dressing. 
Italian Wrap*: Pepperoni, prosciutto, romaine lettuce, onion, tomato, and red wine vinaigrette.
Hummus Wrap*: House made hummus, kalamata olives, tomatoes, goat cheese crumble and fresh spinach. 
Taco Salad Wrap*: House roasted salsa, romaine, red onion, tomato, house made tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, and fresh made cilantro ranch.
Choice of ground angus beef, slow cooked shredded chicken or black bean and hominy.
Sandwiches and Other Options
Choose a side: chips, fresh fruit, fruit snacks, or upgrade to a cup of soup, chili or a side salad.
Black Bean Burger*: House made black bean and hominy burger with choice of chips..
BBQ Chicken Sandwich*: Shredded chicken slow cooked in BBQ sauce on a bun with pineapple bits and choice of side.
South Park Burger*: Angus beef patty, grilled and served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickle on the side and choice of side. 
Hot Dog*: An American classic with choice of side! 
Cheese Dog*: One hot dog smothered in nacho cheese and choice of side. 
Chili Cheese Dog*: Hot dog smothered in chili and nacho cheese and choice of side. 
Chili*: Our house made chili topped with shredded cheddar and diced red onion. Bowl or Cup 

Pizzas– 12”
BBQ Bliss*: BBQ sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese and slow cooked, BBQ chicken with bacon and red onion. 
Meet the Greek*: Hummus base, goat cheese, mozzarella, spinach, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and a balsamic drizzle. 
High Country Luau*: Red sauce, mozzarella, pineapple, prosciutto and bacon. 
Bacon Cheeseburger In Paradise*: Ketchup base, cheddar and mozzarella blend, with ground beef, bacon, red onion, pickles, and mustard.
NachYO Pizza*: Salsa base, cheddar and mozzarella blend, ground beef, tomato, olives, red onion, jalapenos, and tortillas. 
The Hungry Miner*: Red sauce and mozzarella, with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, prosciutto, and slow cooked chicken. 
The HipPIE*: ALL the veggies! 
Pepperoni*: Red sauce and fresh sliced pepperoni. 
Build Your Own*: Mozzarella, pick a sauce and add your toppings.
Sauce: Red, BBQ, Pesto, Olive Oil, Hummus, Chile Verde or Salsa.
Cheeses: Mozzarella, Chevre, cheddar or cream cheese. 
Meats: Shredded chicken, Italian sausage, bacon, pepperoni, or prosciutto. 
Other Toppings: Onion, tomato, spinach, mixed bell pepper, mushrooms, diced green chilies, fresh jalapenos or pineapple
Kalamata olives or sun-dried tomatoes
Pine nuts for 
*Gluten Free Crust available upon request
Milk Shakes
Start with smooth and creamy vanilla iced cream!
Choose your mix-ins: malt, chocolate, caramel, strawberry, blueberry, peach, banana, pineapple, mango, orange juice, peanut butter, donut, hazelnut,
honey, vanilla, pretzel, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Oreo, Heath Bar, and cinnamon.
*Denotes food that is or can be made gluten free. Please notify us if you have any dietary restrictions that we can accomodate. 

All food made in house, with love, and to order. Let us know if you have and special dietary needs that we can accommodate!
Thank you for relaxing with us today!